Grading the entirety of the Houston Texans 2024 NFL Draft

How did the Houston Texans do at the 2024 NFL Draft?
Apr 24, 2024; Detroit, MI, USA; A Houston Texans banner on E. Montcalm St. promoting the 2024 NFL
Apr 24, 2024; Detroit, MI, USA; A Houston Texans banner on E. Montcalm St. promoting the 2024 NFL / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Overall Draft Grade

So the way we're going to do this is severalfold. We're going to first grade the draft by combining the grade for each individual pick. We're going to add the picks up, divide by the number of picks and that'll give us our first score. Secondly, we're going to look at the positions taken and do our best to compare them to the positions of need. The bigger the need should be addressed with the higher of picks. The less important ones should be addressed later. We'll then combine those two scores for our overall score.

So, for our players, A's get the Texans four points, B's three, C's two, D's one, and F's nothing. So how did the Texans draft talent do as a grade? Well, combining the individual grades, we get a 2.4, so we'll round up and just say a "C".

As for if the team addressed the needs of the team? The first three picks, while not ones I'd make, all did address positions of need as soon as possible. So we'd give the addressing of corner, safety, and tackle an A for each. While Cade Stover was a good get, defensive tackle should've been next so we'll give that pick a C.

Jamal Hill is a versatile player who can play multiple spots, and while defensive tackle was a bigger need, we're still going with a B. The Texans needed a late-running back, and while Jahar Jordan is going to be 25 to start the season, the position was dressed, so we'll give it a B. The Texans didn't need an end, despite his talent, Solomon Byrd's need was non-existent, so the pick for a defensive end gets an F.

Marcus Harris gets an A as the team needed defensive tackles (albeit much earlier but oh well), and the LaDarius Henderson pick gets a C. While the team needs offensive linemen still, a guard was more necessary at this point. That means the Texans got a grade of 2.88, also known as a C+.

  • Player Grades: C (2.4 out of 4)
  • Positional Need Grade: C+ (2.88)
  • Total Grade: C (2.6)

Conclusion: The Houston Texans picked up three early players with starter optional and did a solid, albeit unspectacular job filling in holes after. There is an upside to the players taken, but they have a long way to go to raise the draft grade.