Former Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson's bad time is far from over

Deshaun Watson's past behavior is once again at the center of a civil suit.

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

If you thought the Deshaun Watson circus was over, oh boy, do we have news for you. The once-vaunted quarterback for the Houston Texans ruined his reputation when he was found to have committed various acts against women against their consent, so says Judge Sue L. Robinson. The decision, and the allegations that preceded it, destroyed Watson's image and ruined whatever good memories fans had of him.

2022 saw him settle most of his outstanding lawsuits, and many thought the saga was over. The Texans have long been done with Watson, having traded him in early 2022 to the Cleveland Browns in a move that many call the worst trade in NFL history for the Browns. Truthfully, it hasn't been great for them, but it's paid out well for the Texans.

And it may get even better for the Texans, as Watson may once again find himself suspended from action. Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today has reported (via NBC Sports) that a motion to compel further testimony from the once well-respected quarterback has been filed, and this may be the worst case yet for Watson.

According to Scott Petrak, the defendant, in this case, is said to have "intellectual and mental disabilities". Despite this, Watson allegedly coerced the woman into performing sexual acts on him. If this claim is true, and with the added influx of female fans and media attention, it seems unlikely Watson just get 11 games this time around.

The NFL reserved the right to further suspend Watson again, after his initial 11-game suspension in 2022, and so the possibility exists that the Browns may lose their quarterback for a long period of time once again. If that does happen, the Browns pick that the Texans own will likely be even better than they were supposed to be this deep into the life of the trade.

What's most important however, is that any victims of his alleged acts find the justice they seek.

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