Five outrageous takes on the Houston Texans Week 2 battle

Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans win this one on a last-second field goal from over 50 yards out

I think these two teams are pretty evenly matched and both their faceoffs will come down to the wire. The Colts have the better offense at this point, but the Texans can boast a better defense. I really have no particular reason for this projection, but it sounded like it would make for a good outrageous prediction, so here we are.

The Texans need this win, for their confidence, if nothing else. Stroud played a decent game last week despite the loss and most of the struggles were a result of poor offensive line play. The Texans did have several linemen out, so maybe a week more of practice and players getting healthy can help get them on track this week.

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