Five outrageous takes on the Houston Texans Week 2 battle

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The Houston Texans defense will record a defensive touchdown

Houston could have used one of these last week but it didn't happen. As good as I think the defense will be this year, they will need to help out the offense with some touchdowns of their own throughout the season, staring with this one against the Colts.

I'll take a step further too and say it will be a pick-six. Houston can bring some pressure and we saw some of that in last week's game. Plus, the Colts don't have as good an offensive line as the Ravens either. Put some pressure on Richardson and he'll make a rookie mistake.

I hope it's Derek Stingley Jr. who picks up the score because I he could use a big play to boost his confidence. He had some nice plays a week ago but he struggled at times too. He needs a big play that could be that moment that it clicks for him and can become that shut-down corner he was drafted to be, but I'll take a pick-six from the Texans defense from anyone if it helps the team win.