Five outrageous takes on the Houston Texans Week 2 battle

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The Houston Texans will combine for over 150 rushing yards

If the offensive line doesn't pick it up soon, one of my preseason predictions won't happen, which is the Texans being a top-ten rushing team. That changes this week though, as Houston will get the run game going and rack up over 150 rushing yards.

Houston had a rough time finding holes last week against the Ravens but to be fair, Baltimore has one of the better run defenses in the league. The Colts can't claim that and the Texans get after them on the ground.

Last week no one not named C.J. Stroud recorded a yards per carry average of more than 3.5 and Devin Singletary was non-existent. He had seven carries for a paltry 15 yards. Pierce led the team in rushing with 38 yards but only had 11 carries. I expect Houston to run the ball a little more this week.