Five outrageous takes on the Houston Texans Week 2 battle

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Tank Dell will get his first NFL touchdown and eight receptions

Admittedly, I was a little surprised by Dell's lack of targets last week. Stroud targeted him only four times. He caught three of them for 34 yards. Robert Woods and Nico Collins dominated the targets with a combined 21. I expect that to change a little this week and Stroud will look Dell's way a little more often.

Dell can and will become one of the best slot receivers in the NFL and can be a huge asset to Stroud when he's being pressured, which will happen a great deal, given the Texans' struggles along the offensive line.

Look for Dell to be that consistent chain mover against the Colts and help get this offensive rolling a little more. The Texans certainly need that to help put up some points. The slot receiver can be a vital weapon for a quarterback who isn't afforded a good time in the pocket. Dell gets his first career touchdown and eight receptions this weekend.