Every move the Houston Texans made on Wednesday ranked

The Houston Texans were very busy on Wednesday
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Houston Texans were busy on Wednesday, making five big moves to help prepare them for the game on Sunday against the Denver Broncos. Usually, you don't see this much movement in a single week, let alone all in one day, but that's just sort of how some things worked out.

The Texans signed, waived, and placed guys on IR to help prepare themselves for the Broncos on Sunday in what will end up being a very important game for both teams in their quests to make the playoffs. But did these moves help?

We'll find out Sunday but until then, we're ranking them based off of importance to the team.

5. Placing OL Tytus Howard on Injured Reserve

This may seem like a big move for the Houston Texans but as Tytus Howard was struggling to play well week in and week out, losing him for what should be the better player in rookie Juice Scruggs isn't the huge blow that some want to make it out to be. The Texans will rebound from this.

4. Signing Matt Ammendola to the practice squad

The Texans waived kicker Matt Ammendola this week to make room for the recently signed Derek Barnett, and many thought this was the end for Ammendola in Houston. That wasn't the case, as the Texans can still call him up from the practice squad to kick for at least the next three weeks. This is a lateral move.

3. Reinstating Denzel Perryman

Getting back Denzel Perryman isn't a huge move for the Texans but he will bring back some serious depth to the linebacking corp. He's been good against the rush all season but he isn't a huge addition to the defense overall.

2. and 1. Waiving Shaquill Griffin and Signing Desmond King II

This one is in no particular order, but signing Desmond King II would normally be a nice addition if it wasn't at the extent of Shaquill Griffin, who's played very well this year.

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