Every Houston Texans head coach ever: full list

Despite not always being a playoff contender, the Houston Texans only have a handful of head coaches.
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
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6. DeMeco Ryans, 2023-present (10-7 record)

  • 1-1 record in one playoff appearance
  • 1 AFC South Championship (2023)

The Texans wanted a young voice, who could be around for a long time. That's part of the appeal for McCown, he was a young man who could lead the team. So when they passed on him, there were doubts that the team would be able to land anyone of value at the position that fit what they wanted from a head coach. Shockingly, one of the best coordinators in the game, DeMeco Ryans, was looking to take on a head coaching gig and despite the upheaval at times in Houston, Ryans was keen to rejoin the franchise. Serving as a former linebacker for Houston, Ryans had an attachment to the club and wanted to help turn them around.

The Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, and Indianapolis Colts were all interested in him, but Ryans favored the Texans. It was a good call, as he led an amazing turnaround in just one season. Now after a successful season, an AFC South championship, and a playoff win, the Texans and Ryan are looking to find further success. With guys like C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson to anchor his squad, the club will likely see further wins and championships going forward.