Every Houston Texans head coach ever: full list

Despite not always being a playoff contender, the Houston Texans only have a handful of head coaches.
Houston Texans Mandatory Minicamp
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3a. Romeo Crennel, 2020 (4-8 as interim head coach)

  • No playoff appearances

After O'Brien was dismissed, his defensive coordinator and former Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs head coach, Romeo Crennell took over. He had been with the Texans since 2014 and was even acting as assistant head coach at the time of O'Brien's departure. He managed to win four games for the Texans, the only four games they won that season.

4. David Culley, 2021 (4-13)

  • No playoff appearances

David Culley was an odd hire. Already 65 at the time of his selection, Culley was never seen as a long-term option. He was seen by many as a stop-gap measure because all of the Texans' actual head coaching prospects turned down the job. This is speculation, of course, but it was one that many NFL pundits and experts seemed to agree with. He did his best, considering the team was starting a rebuild, and did get four wins out of a bad roster. Sadly for Culley, he was fired after the season due to philosophical differences.