Do the Houston Texans really need more help at wide receiver?

More and more people keep suggesting that the Houston Texans take another wide receiver, but why?

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have some holes, that are not really in dispute. The team still needs help at linebacker, safety, defensive tackle, offensive tackle, and guard, while an extra corner and running back wouldn't hurt. Now, the most pressing needs are probably the offensive and defensive lines, but safety, linebacker and probably running back are pretty vital all things considering.

Easily the two spots that the team doesn't need any help with are at quarterback and wide receiver. To even insinuate that they do is nonsense. The team may have two very possible number-one receivers, so for the Texans to waste a second-round pick or more on a wideout when the team is pretty deep at the position continues to make no sense.

Sports Illustrated has written about how the Texans should draft UCF prospect Javon Baker. Baker is someone the Texans have allegedly expressed interest in, but how real that interest is anyone's game, as no one in the NFL can be trusted around this time of the year. It's all subterfuge and rumors intended to try and work everyone up into a shoot so that a coach or GM can pull a fast one over on someone else. It's an endless supply of misinformation.

The fact is that the Houston Texans don't need a first or second-day receiver. They have Nico Collins and Tank Dell, two serious threats, as well as Noah Brown, a player who led the team in yards per reception. That's not to mention the youngsters they have in John Metchie III, a second-round pick in 2022, Xavier Hutchinson a 2023 pick, and Johnny Johnson III.

Not to mention they still have Robert Woods on the roster.

Collins, Dell, Brown, Metchie, and Woods alone make up a fantastic five-some, that doesn't even include tight end Dalton Schultz. There's only one football to go around and if the team is seriously considering wasting a second-round pick on yet another wide receiver, there's a good possibility that the move will backfire and hurt the Texans.

Save any receiver selections until the last two rounds.