Did the Texans give up too much for Will Anderson Jr

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What is next year's first-round pick really worth?

This is a hard question to answer because current draft picks are always worth more than future draft picks due to the unpredictability of next year. With the Texans already selecting C.J. Stroud as a franchise quarterback, they hope they'll win more games. The Houston Texans lost five games last year within one score. For as much flack as the team got, they were a high-effort team on the field that played hard most weeks.

The Texans are hoping that they can turn those five losses, at least half of them, into future victories with the help of new head coach DeMeco Ryans and his defense, as well as Stroud. If the Texans are right on Will Anderson, there's a very strong likelihood that the Texans, a team who won three games in their division, could very likely finish the year as a 7-win team.

This past year, four teams finished with seven wins. Their draft selections ranged from pick eight to twelve. There's a possibility the first-round selection the Houston Texans gave up could end up falling outside of the top ten in next year's draft.

The Texans needed to solidify the three premiere positions that a franchise needs: left tackle, quarterback, and pass rusher. In trading up for Anderson they completed an off-season of prioritizing filling those premier positions with blue-chip talent. With that in mind, who would the Texans be looking at with next year's first-round selection had they not gotten Anderson? 

Currently, there is not an edge rusher in next year's class that's being talked about as the elite proven talent Anderson has been. No pass rusher will finish in the top five Heisman voting, the stats he produced, or the backing of a Hall of Fame coach in Nick Saban like Anderson had.

So when we view the future draft pick, whoever it may be, it's worth noting that the Texans chose to go with the more proven, highly decorated Anderson.

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