Despite a high-ranking, elite player, the quarterback competition is one to watch

The quarterback situation is one to watch.
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Houston Texans have a significant competition that needs to play out during training camp. We need to figure out the question that's plaguing the quarterback position. We're not talking, however, about who to start. We know this is C.J. Stroud's team. No, what we need to figure out is who's going to back him up.

We have veteran quarterback Case Keenum, who has experience with new wide receiver Stefon Diggs, a connection to the Houston area. Competing with him is Davis Mills, the once and former starter for the Texans before C.J. Stroud came to town.

Both men have their share of credentials. Keenum is more traveled, and has more experience in various situations, while Mills appears to be the better player from a mechanical sense. Each also has its issues. Keenum is older, slower, and has no zip on his passes. In contrast, Mills has issues recognizing scenarios in-game to the level that Keenum does.

The Texans have things well in control with Stroud on the team, the problem arises with the scenario of their starting quarterback missing time. Stroud missed two games last season. They lost one and won the other. Keenum began to both games and didn't look good in either. Mills out-performed him in the loss to the Browns, coming in as a replacement, but despite that head coach DeMeco Ryans is still rolling with the older vet.

So now we watch and wait. We know Keenum can't be the catalyst to win a game anymore. We saw him struggle against a poor Tennesee Titans team. Clearly, his best days are behind him, but for whatever reason, Ryans doesn't trust Mills either. Considering how all-important it is to have a backup quarterback who can play competently, the Texans need to make sure their backup can play.

So it makes all the sense to go with the best option possible. Even if he's not on the team currently. The Texans would've been wise to sign Joe Flacco, instead, he went to the divisional rival, the Indianapolis Colts. If Colts second-year quarterback Anthony Richardson struggles, then the Colts would have a reliable asset to lean on. Adding Flacco, or someone like him would've helped with the concerns about the backup quarterback position.

Be mindful, that there are concerns. While some in the sporting world would rank the Texans' quarterback room as high as eighth, I think you can only rank a quarterback situation that high if you know you can win a game regardless of who is the backup.

Should the Texans be without Stroud, then it's very likely they have a losing record in the games that Stroud misses.