DeMeco Ryans relies on faith to help Houston Texans withstand playoff adversity

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Michael Owens/GettyImages

A win against the Cleveland Browns Saturday afternoon was a monumental achievement for DeMeco Ryan’s unit. They were the weakest franchise in the AFC South last season and had significant room for improvement. Nick Caserio's office devoted time to establishing a new culture. They hired Ryans and handed him the keys to the franchise. His faith and determination planted seeds for success. We are witnessing the fruits during the playoff run.

How has DeMeco Ryans' faith changed the Houston Texans' future?

DeMeco Ryans trusted the Houston Texans' process

Converting a losing franchise into a dynasty is not an easy job. Coaches looking to establish a respected reputation tend to find refuge with established front offices before engaging in a rebuilding process. A history of unsuccessful seasons did not stop DeMeco Ryans from pursuing a Head Coaching gig with the Texans. His work as the defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers was noteworthy. It demonstrated his leadership qualities and gave him an advantage over other candidates.

Taking over the reins was easier said than done. The Texans were far from a complete team and had work to do before the opening day. They selected C.J. Stroud (2) and Will Anderson Jr. (8) with first capital in the 2023 Draft. With guidance, they would become an ingredient to a successful playoff run.

A successful campaign solidified the inferences fans made about their rookie Head Coach. He groomed his rookie players into X-Factos and encouraged the team to grow. A positive environment allowed C.J. Stroud to blossom into a top-five quarterback. He finished the regular season ranked 8th in passing yards (4,109) and limited turnovers (5). Stroud emerged as one of the NFL’s brightest stars. His Head Coach deserves credit for an incredible first year.

DeMeco Ryans’ faith allowed him to be the perfect Head Coach

C.J. Stroud’s success is not the only evidence of excellent leadership from Houston’s rookie Head Coach. The Texans experienced a plethora of achievements in a short amount of time. A win against the Tennessee Titans in Week 18 gave the franchise their first post-season berth since 2019. It was the first time a franchise clinched the playoffs with a rookie signal caller, Head Coach, and quarterback trio.

A successful campaign gives Texans fans something to look forward to in the upcoming season. Playoff berths create excitement for years to come. DeMeco Ryans’ group secured the fourth seed in the AFC bracket. They took on the Cleveland Browns (5) with plans to advance to the divisional round.

A convincing playoff win against a noteworthy opponent became the latest example of how Ryans’ poise transcends to his players. His team jumped out to a 24-14 lead before halftime. Matt Burke’s defense earned two interception returns for touchdowns. C.J. Stroud recorded three touchdown passes and became the youngest quarterback to win a playoff game. The Texans played lights out - earning a ticket to the divisional round.

Balancing the highs and lows of the NFL season is one of the challenges coaches face. When asked what helped change the morale of the franchise, Ryans shared a message of faith. “I truly believe that God’s grace is over our team. I don’t shy away from saying that because I believe it” he stated. Grace allows franchises to go from worst to first. It also relieves Head Coaches of unnecessary stress when the odds do not look favorable. The Houston Texans are confident and expect to continue their successful season. They will follow the lead of their Head Coach, who’s devoted to growth - on and off the field.

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