DeMeco Ryans' reasoning for signing Kareem Jackson makes total sense

Kareem Jackson's signing makes sense, even if he's not an ideal fit.
Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans made a bold choice in signing the controversial and veteran safety Kareem Jackson. Jackson has been suspended twice this season alone for hits delivered to opposing receivers while he was with the Denver Broncos. He ended up getting suspended for six total games, the last four of which happened just three snaps into his return from his prior two-game suspension. A suspension that was originally three games but was reduced to two upon appeal.

It wasn't the hits that warranted his suspension, as it was repeated "flagrant" acts that were deemed illegal. Having a history of such incidents won't help him if he has another iffy tackle on his resume this season. And with the nightmare scenario the Cleveland Browns just saw with Elijah Moore, who suffered a likely concussion after being tackled cleanly, the NFL isn't looking to have any more illegal hits this season.

Especially not by Jackson. With Jackson being a guy who is on thin ice right now, his signing doesn't make a lot of sense. While yes, he's a former Texans defensive back, he hasn't been especially very good since leaving the team. Not only that but he's 35 and one bad hit away from being done for this season and probably longer. So when the media asked Houston Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans why they opted to bring back the twice-suspended veteran, Ryans was very candid.

He told the media (via Sports Illustrated), that the reason he brought back Jackson was simply for the veteran experience, saying;

“This time of year, it’s hard to find a guy that has the type of experience that Kareem has and the playmaking ability that he has."

It's understandable to see what Ryans is looking for in players. It's the same reason he brought in Derek Barnett. He won a Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles and it's clear that Ryans is trying to build a team that buys into playoff-winning culture.

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