DeMeco Ryans is already headed to the Hall of Fame

That was fast!
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Look, there's no denying the Texans had a great year. Coming into 2023 as a three-win team, the Texans surprised a whole lot of people by winning the division with 10-7 record. Basically all of their rookies played well – most notably CJ Stroud, who won Offensive Rookie of the Year – and their first-year head coach was one single first-place vote shy of winning Coach of the Year.

People noticed. And now, after the success of 2023, DeMeco Ryans is headed to the Hall of Fame! Er, *a* Hall of Fame.

Do you not automatically assume that when someone says Hall of Fame, they're referring to the Senior Bowl Hall of Fame? Sponsored by Reeses?

Though, to be fair, if anyone deserves to be enshrined forever in the Senior Bowl Hall of Fame Sponsored By Reeses, it's Ryans, who has either been nominated or won awards at basically every level of his football life. In college, Ryans was a finalist for the Butkus Award, the Nagurski Award, and the Draddy Award. Then, as a Pro, he was named Defensive Rookie of the Year, named to a First Team All-Pro, and went to two Pro Bowls. He retired in 2016 and was the 49ers' Defensive Coordinator by 2021, when he won Assistant Coach of the Year.

So this time it's the Senior Bowl Hall of Fame sponsored by Reeses. But at the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, we're going to save a few "DeMeco Ryans heads to the Hall of Fame" blogs in our drafts folder for future use. You know, just in case.