Could the Texans Pull Off a Trade for Brock Purdy?

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles
NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

The Texans rumor mill keeps on churning, and everything from the draft to the GM leaving is being discussed. But one rumor that seems to have passed is the Texans signing or trading for a quarterback rather than drafting one. So far the list of names out there does not make much sense for a team rebuilding after a few tough seasons. Aaron Rodgers is 39 years old, and Matthew Stafford is 35 and coming off injury. Lamar Jackson would cost two first-round picks and an insane amount of guaranteed money and cap space. Getting Mac Jones rather than one of the top three quarterbacks in the draft? No, thank you.

But what about another option? How about the top guy in the San Francisco QB room? No, not Trey Lance, Brock Purdy. Mr. Irrelevant played extremely well for the 49ers last season and his play was a big part of what got them to the NFC Championship game. Had he not torn his UCL, they very well could have been in the Super Bowl. Recovering from injury and with less than a full season of experience under his belt, the 49ers may be willing to part ways with him for the right price. Not only that, he would be a perfect fit in Houston.

The 49ers May Still Prefer Trey Lance

Per Nick Wagoner of ESPN, John Lynch endorsed Brock Purdy as the starter in San Francisco. I don't necessarily buy it, though. They invested three first-round picks and a third-round pick in Trey Lance and were steadfast in their belief he was the guy until his season-ending injury. When a team is enamored that much with a player, especially a quarterback, they tend to get blinders and give them every opportunity to start and succeed. Brock Purdy may be the "starter" in theory but don't be surprised if he has one or two rough games that he gets benched for Lance.

Brock Purdy May Not Cost Houston a First-Round Pick

Even though he had a terrific run to end the season, with only 12 games (nine regular season, three postseason) of experience, Purdy is still a bit of an unknown and a risk. While all signs point to him being the real deal, there is still the chance he could be a one-hit-wonder. With that in mind, it may not take a first-round pick to swing a deal for him. Parting with a couple of second, third, or fourth-round picks over the next two years would be a win-win. San Francisco would get a ton in return for a guy they drafted with the final pick in last year's draft, and Houston gets a near-perfect fit to run their offense.

A trade sending 2023 second and third-round picks and 2024 second and fourth-round picks could be enough to entice the 49ers to part ways with Purdy.

He is a Perfect Fit In the Offense and Knows the Coaching Staff Well

There aren't many players out there who would be a better fit scheme-wise and in the locker room than Brock Purdy. Based on new Head Coach DeMeco Ryans' comments about the type of guys he wants in the building, Purdy seems to check all the boxes. Add in the familiarity he has with Offensive Coordinator Bobby Slowik and you have a match made in heaven. He could pick up the offense with ease, and the Texans could use all of their remaining picks to solidify the roster.

The Draft Would Then Be Best Player Available

After the trade, there would be no more worrying about what to do with the second pick of the draft. You could easily go best player available in every round and completely restock the roster with young talent. The Texans could end up with the best defensive end in the draft, a true number-one wideout, and a starting center in the first three rounds and still give up the draft capital above for Purdy. You could realistically bring in Will Anderson Jr., Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Joe Tippmann or Luke Wypler, and Brock Purdy.

A scenario like this would be ideal for the Texans, and a home run to finish up an already impressive offseason. GM Nick Caserio needs to get on the phone with John Lynch and make it happen.