Chris Jones fits a need as a player but will his asking price match his production?

The Houston Texans would be wise to keep from over-spending on Chris Jones.

Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans / Bob Levey/GettyImages

The Houston Texans need some help with their defensive tackles. They're a team that could use a good player or two to join up with the squad and there may be no bigger free agent on the market than Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle, Chris Jones.

Jones has gone to five straight Pro Bowls, won three Super Bowls, and is a two-time All-Pro player. He's truly one of the best options that the Texans could have in free agency if they want to chase after a defensive tackle, and it seems like some think that it's possible that Jones ends up in Houston.

The Chiefs may let the 29-year-old walk if they can't come to a new deal and that means that Jones would be available for the Texans to sign. That's a scenario that the Pro Football Network seems to think is a very possible one, as they predicted that the Texans will land the former All-Pro defensive tackle this offseason.

The upside for Jones joining the Texans is obvious, he's a Pro Bowl-level player and he can improve the Texans front four. How much is up for debate, and that debate is partially why weren't on board with Jones coming into Houston. The amount of money he's going to want is massive and there's every bit the possibility that the size of his contract becomes so big that he couldn't hope to live up to the numbers paid out.

After all, defensive tackles start to decline around 30. Aaron Donald, still great, isn't what he was prior to turning 30. The same can be said for such luminaries like Warren Sapp, who saw a decline after 30. Overpaying for Jones may seem like a great idea because of his name value but the Texans may be better off finding two less talented players, paying significantly less but maximizing the bang for their buck.