Cal McNair's wife is still taking shots at Titans over Houston Oilers throwbacks

We love a petty rivalry.
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans / Justin Ford/GettyImages

As a collective group, it feels like we don't talk enough about how weird it is that, sometimes, the Tennessee Titans wear another team's uniform.

The reason/history behind the move is well-documented: they were the Houston Oilers up until 1997, when then-owner Bud Adams decided to move the team because of low attendance numbers and a lack of progress on a new stadium deal. So Adams packed the team up and moved them to Nashville, where they played under the Oilers' moniker for two seasons before rebranding as the Titans.

The move left a sour taste in a lot of fans' mouths, and the Titans quasi-history with the Oilers is still a sore subject for a lot of people today – which makes the fact that Tennessee decides to wear Oilers jerseys once or twice a year even more confusing. Nostalgia sells tickets, but openly embracing the identity that you willingly gave up because it wasn't profitable enough back then is a weird (putting it lightly) move.

And if you don't belive me, just listen to Hannah McNair, the president of the Houston Texans foundation and wife to team owner Cal McNair. In a recent interview, both were asked about how it felt to beat the Titans this year while the Tennessee was wearing their Oilers unis. While Cal dodged the question with some classic lines straight out of the corporate handbook, Hannah gave the fans what they wanted, indulging in jusssssst enough smack talk to make headlines.

Hannah McNair takes a shot at Titans over Houston Oilers throwbacks

“I think Houston liked that game a lot,” she said. “Especially winning that game there while they were wearing something that Houston takes a lot of pride in. And you know, Tennessee doesn’t care as much. It’s not as meaningful to their fans as we saw in a survey 20 or so years ago when they did change to the Titans. The Oilers didn’t mean as much to the Titans fans. So to win there meant a lot to Houston as they were shoving that in our face.”

We love it. Most NFL rivalries are steeped in a least some sort of tradition, but not many are built on petty uniform beef. That's what makes Titans-Texans so special. The Colts and the Ravens don't have this type of beef, and that's probably because the Colts don't just randomly wear purple and black twice a year. But as long as the Titans continue deciding to dress up as the Oilers for a day, we'll be all for Houston fans being salty about it.