C.J. Stroud thinks the Chicago Bears should keep Justin Fields, but do we agree

C.J. Stroud is starting to find his leadership voice, taking up for another fellow-quarterback.
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There was a time when Ohio State had both Justin Fields and C.J. Stroud lead the team in back-to-back eras. Fields and Stroud combined for 148 total passing touchdowns while at OSU, and together formed a bond that apparently reaches past their time sharing a quarterback room in Columbus, OH. Now, both men are starting quarterbacks in the NFL; Fields with the Chicago Bears and Stroud with the Houston Texans.

Their careers have diverged since entering the NFL, with Fields' future up in the air after three up-and-down seasons, and Stroud fortifying himself as a player to watch going forward. Stroud looks like a potential MVP and obvious franchise starter for the Texans, but Fields...not so much. The Bears currently hold the first overall pick and many believe they're going to use it on the quarterback out of USC Caleb Williams.

Williams is the consensus No. 1 overall pick, and despite there being no such thing as a "sure thing", many believe Williams is in fact a sure thing. So the onus is for the Bears to trade Fields and draft Williams. This, is despite Fields showing flashes of greatness during his stay in Chicago. These flashes are enough for some people to ride with him, including Fields' former teammate Stroud.

Stroud told USA Today that the Bears would be "smart" to keep Fields, despite the current rumors of the Bears looking to move on. Fields haven't shown a lot of success as a passer, but as an overall playmaker, Fields has shown to be capable of making big plays. It certainly isn't the most obvious move, as Fields is far from a bust. He just may not be in the right system with the right coach.

Still, with how regularly first-round quarterbacks fail, and the fact there is no such thing as a sure thing, getting rid of Fields doesn't make much sense. Sure, Williams could be better, but he could and odds say this is more likely, be much worse. There's no such thing as a sure thing and the Bears are risking years of further torment by moving on from Fields in favor of a new prospect.