C.J. Stroud is being picked to double Russell Wilson in one key area

One NFL writer thinks C.J. Stroud will double-up Russell Wilson on Sunday.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
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If you haven't heard about the marvelous season that rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud is having, then you must be waking up from a long coma; welcome back to the world of the living. We've missed you. Other than those just waking up, everyone should be well aware of how good Stroud is. He's making waves every week, he's firmly in control of the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award and is on the verge of leading the Texans to the playoffs.

He's having a good season. But is he having such a good season that it makes sense to bake some bold claims? Marc Ross of NFL.com is predicting that Stroud will do the unthinkable on Sunday against the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson. Wilson, a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and likely future-Hall-of-Famer is having a solid season in year two with Denver. But at times he's still not throwing for a lot of yards, failing to break the 200-yard mark four times so far this season.

So Ross is believes that Stroud will do the unthinkable and double-up Wilson. That's right, the NFL writer believes Stroud will throw for double the amount of yards that Wilson throws for. And honestly, we think Ross should seriously consider walking that one back.

Wilson has struggled at times this season to throw for a lot of yards, but he's been effective and has helped the Broncos get to 6-5 on the season, a record few expected them to ever hit with him under center. The odds that Wilson comes in and lays an egg so big that Stroud doubles him up through the air just isn't going to happen.

Assuming Wilson has his normal low-200 yards per game type outing, that would still mean Stroud would have to hit 400+ against a Denver defense that is only averaging 233 yards through the air per game.

It seems unlikely that Stroud doubles up Wilson, but if he does, that would be one heck of an outing.

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