Bill O'Brien admits to having too much going on during tenure with the Houston Texans

At least Bill O'Brien knows where things went wrong.

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Bill O'Brien is sadly remembered more for his gaffs as a general manager than he will be as a head coach. And let's be clear about something, he wasn't a bad head coach. In seven seasons he went to the playoffs four times and had five winning seasons. That's a pretty great run if you ask me, especially when you consider how rare wins were before him.

Yeah, Gary Kubiak did alright, and he does have more wins than O'Brien but he has more losses as well. O'Brien has more division titles, more playoff appearances, and a higher winning percentage. He's not being compared to Mik Tomlin or Andy Reid as far as coaches who had made a case for the best coaching job in a franchise's history, but O'Brien is the Texans' best head coach ever.

As hard as that may be to accept for some people. That said, he's also arguably the worst or at least one of the worst GMs the team ever had. Now, unlike coaches, there is in fact a lot of competition for that worst GM award.

In fact, O'Brien knows he wasn't a great GM, recently telling the College GameDay Podcast (via Sports Illustrated)

"We didn’t really get to where we wanted to get to, because of a series of events that happened. I ended up having the general manager title. Looking back on that, that’s really not who I am. I’m a coach and that’s what I do well. So probably took a little bit too much on my plate. And it didn’t end very well, but we had a good run there."

It's good to know that O'Brien saw his mistakes during his time with the Texans. It wasn't an easy watching his tenure as a GM but he's a heck of a coach. Anyone who saw him at Penn State would know that. He's now the head coach of the Boston College Eagles, and this upcoming season will tell a lot about if he still has it in him to take a team beyond their expectations.