AFC South seems like it'll be a cakewalk for the Houston Texans in newest prediction

The Houston Texans have a chance to take the AFC South crown with relative ease.
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The AFC South runs through Texas and the Houston Texans don't seem like they're going to relinquish their grip on the crown just yet. The Texans made the biggest and bold moves this offseason by acquiring names like Danielle Hunter and Stefon Diggs, bolstering the perception that the Texans are better than the other three teams in the AFC South.

The Indianapolis Colts went 9-8 last season but will have to try and repeat that success this season with a different quarterback under center. The Jacksonville Jaguars have their quarterback but while their team is solid, it appears to be lacking the big-time playmakers you need to get to that next level. As for the Tennessee Titans, the squad is young and has a new coach for the 2024 season, so not many people are expecting big things from them.

It could be why Bleacher Report had only one team in the AFC South having 10 wins this season. They had the Texans finishing at the top spot, going 12-5 for the year. That's a two-win improvement over the prior season. The Colts finish once again at 9-8 in the BR predictions, while the Jaguars muster only an 8-9 record.

The Titans are dead last at 5-12.

"Houston Texans: 12-5

Indianapolis Colts: 9-8

Jacksonville Jaguars: 8-9

Tennessee Titans: 5-12"

The Texans being the top team in the division isn't shocking, as many seem to agree that if everyone is healthy for most of the season, this is the most likely result. The Colts being competitive and the Titans finishing last are also pretty common predictions. Yet, the Jaguars finishing third, and with a losing record after the offseason they had is a bit unexpected.

The Jaguars didn't get monumentally better, nor did they land the biggest and brightest free agent names in the NFL, but they did do enough that you'd think they'd keep pace with their 2023 counterparts, if not improve a bit.

Yes, it's only a one-game swing from 2023 to 2024, but they fell apart in 2023, and I don't think that's going to happen two years in a row. I think a 10-7 finish is far likelier to happen than an 8-9 finish for the Jags.