A mock draft where the best available player is taken every time (aka Mock Draft 2.0)

If we throw out positional need, and just took the best player available every time, what would the Houston Texans draft look like?
Work continues on the setup of stage area for the upcoming NFL Draft near Campus Martius on Tuesday,
Work continues on the setup of stage area for the upcoming NFL Draft near Campus Martius on Tuesday, / Ryan Garza / USA TODAY NETWORK
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The Houston Texans will soon be on the clock in a matter of days, hoping to fill holes the team has. Without a first-round pick, the Texans aren't expected to land a major name in the draft. It doesn't mean the team can't land a huge prospect, a game-changing type of player, but it won't be easy.

The biggest names could all be gone by the Texans first pick, which is set for the 42nd pick of the draft, smack squarely in the second round on the second night. Expectations say the best of the best will be gone, but what if things were a bit more random? The draft is always random. Experts are always wrong and rarely do the teams pick the players that the "experts" think they should.

So even though the best names are supposed to be gone by the end of night one, what if that wasn't the case? Well, we decided to do another mock draft, and thanks to the randomize slider on PFF's 2024 Mock Draft Simulator, we may have found the most random, yet perfect mock draft possible. We jacked up the randomizer setting for the purpose of a more believable draft, where guys are going anywhere and everywhere, despite what "experts" predict. Because it never goes the way it's predicted to go.

So while the Texans aren't likely to draft these specific guys, we do hope it's a more accurate representation of the unpredictability that is the NFL Draft.

This is the second one I've done this, but the first time I picked the players myself. This time, I just picked the highest-rated player still on the board regardless of position. Shockingly, PFF gave my mock an A+.

I guess it's not hard to have an A+ draft on PFF if you just take the best player available, but that's what happened. So who did we get? Let's find out.