A Houston Texans mock draft that we can fully support (aka Mock 1.0)

A mock draft we can support for the Houston Texans, because, well, we made it.
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Round 6, Pick 188 - DT Jowon Briggs, Cincinnati

We won't lie, Jowon Briggs was a blind pick in the sixth round. He was the top-rated defensive tackle still on the board when we came back around and the Texans need some depth at the position. The highest rated defensive tackle at the position is currently Mario Edwards, who appears to be a former defensive end transitioning to defensive tackle in the Texans organization (according to PFF).

After that, it's not great. There's a hope I have that the Texans move Denico Autry to defensive tackle to help fortify the unit, but right now that doesn't look to be the case. So a guy like Jowon Briggs, who is a remarkedly solid rookie prospect may be forced to jump and try and start. It's not an ideal situation but the position is devoid of talent, with Edwards, Khalil Davis, and Folorunso Fatukasi being your best-rated players.

Briggs is an all-around solid option, with a 66.2 PFF grade against the run and a 61.8 grade against the pass. He's not going to set the world on fire, but hey, who knows? You need depth at the position, so why not?