A Houston Texans mock draft that we can fully support (aka Mock 1.0)

A mock draft we can support for the Houston Texans, because, well, we made it.
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Round 4, Pick 127 - T Sataoa Laumea, Utah

Staying in the fourth round, we're looking at another potential starter for the Houston Texans and that tackles Sataoa Laumea out of Utah. Yes, we're going with back-to-back picks from the Utes, because they have some good talent and the Texans need to fortify these positions.

Laumea is a tackle and with the Texans' current need for the position, he seems to be a good fit for the team. Especially when you see that he excels at the running game. He has a PFF score of 68.7 against run defenses and a 69.6 score as a zone blocker. His pass-blocking grade is rough, 54.0, but as the Texans need help at running the ball, you need to focus on guys who can help in that arena.

With time, hopefully, you hope that Laumea can improve his pass-blocking skills, and become a full-time starter, but for right now the goal is to find a tackle who can start if needed and can develop long-term into a full-time starter with enough time.