A Houston Texans mock draft that we can fully support (aka Mock 1.0)

A mock draft we can support for the Houston Texans, because, well, we made it.
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Round 4, Pick 123- S Cole Bishop, Utah

The Houston Texans need to seriously upgrade at safety and Cole Bishop out of Utah is the way to go. in round three. The Texans are smart to snag Jaden Hicks in round three, but with the need to improve their secondary a pressing need, the Texans would be smart to double-dip and get Cole Bishop here.

The Texans don't need corner as much as some want to suggest, as you have your starters now, plus you also have guys like M.J. Stewart who can play multiple positions and can help with depth. Safety is the concern and Bishop is the option that we think is the best fit from an availability perspective.

Unlike Hicks, Bishop appears better against the run (67.5 PFF) than the pass (60.9), but is fast enough (4.45, 40-yard dash) to hang with receivers. He's a fringe starter at best as a fourth-rounder, but he'll be able to make the rest of the safeties on the team truly feel the need to compete. He may just be a special team guy to start, but he has upside, clearly.