A Houston Texans mock draft that we can fully support (aka Mock 1.0)

A mock draft we can support for the Houston Texans, because, well, we made it.
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The NFL Draft is a few weeks away and we're getting ready for it just like every other NFL fan! The Houston Texans may not have a first-round pick this year, but the team has eight picks throughout the draft, and two in the second-round. So while the odds of them landing one of the more vaunted and talked about players isn't great, we do think the Texans have a shot to land a pretty impactful group of players.

Especially if last year was any indication.

With the draft right around the corner and the Houston Texans still needing some holes filled, we decided to use Pro Football Focuses' Mock Draft Simulator and run our own experiment to see who and what the Texans could get their hands on in this draft, despite being out of the first-rounds.

In this version of our mock, which I'm dubbing Mock 1.0, we controlled every pick of the Texans had, and jacked up the randomness just a tad, just so we could see what would happen in a more accurate representation of the NFL Draft. After all, despite pundits thinking they know who will go where and when 99% of mocks are wrong, so we thought it'd be a good idea to see what happens with a more unpredictable scenario.

So let's get started.