6 biggest takeaways from the Houston Texans 2024 schedule

The Houston Texans have some interesting obstacles to deal with this season.
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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Week 18 undecided

The Houston Texans have six games that are going to be nationally televised, and four games that are going to be in prime time. That's a solid number, but it could be greater. Right now, with how the schedule stands, the Texans could have a seventh game if things shake out a certain way.

Right now the Texans have 16 games set in stone, with one game currently not. The regular season finale against the Tennessee Titans neither has a date, time, or channel, making it very possible this could be a flex game of sorts. The NFL has the ability near the end of the season to move games around to guess the audience the best possible option for primetime and nationally televised games. This means the Texans could be in luck, and get a seventh game that everyone gets to see.

That said, it'll be a tough draw. The Titans are not expected to be very good this season, and they would need to have a major season for them to be worth putting into a prime-time game. Especially at the end of the season. The other issue that the Texans will face in getting that seventh nationally televised game really revolves around themselves.

If the Texans have nothing to play for in Week 18, the odds that the best players start or even play dramatically go down. Making it very likely the game isn't flexed into a major spot.