5 storylines to watch in Houston Texans' Week 1 matchup

Houston Texans
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Tank Dell makes his rookie debut

Dell should be a focal point of the Texans' passing attack this week and will make one of my keys to the game. It's simple though, Houston is likely going to have some difficulties giving Stroud good protection given the offensive line situation. Dell's quickness will help him gain separation quickly, giving Stroud a target before the pocket breaks down.

Dell could be a nice surprise to the Texans offense this season and possibly become a top candidate for NFL Rookie of the Year. Throughout training camp and preseason, Stroud and Dell have built a solid connection that could help move the chains.

Dell is one of the rookies in the NFL I'm looking forward to watching this week and throughout the season. Stroud will only help himself if he looks to Dell to help move the Texans offense and could be a third-down converting machine.