5 early storylines emerging from Houston Texans training camp

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John Metchie III could be a secret weapon

This is one of the best stories in all of the NFL and I hope John Metchie III has a solid season, earning him the Comeback Player of the Year. I don't know of any other player in recent memory that has gone through what Metchie has experienced over the last 18 months.

When we last saw Metchie playing in a real football game it was in the 2021 SEC Championship game, before tearing his ACL.  After a full recovery and preparing to play for the Houston Texans in his rookie year, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Now healthy and being declared cancer-free, Metchie has quietly been showing the talent that made him a second-round pick of the Texans and the 44th overall pick.  If he can realize his potential on the field come game day, the Texans might have a better receiving corps than expected.

I’ve said for a while now, this group is not expected to do much and is ranked very low on most national rankings but there is talent here but unproven.  A lot of young receivers, with the exception of the “old” guy, Robert Woods.  The Texans need someone in this receiver room to step up and be that reliable target for the quarterback.  Can John Metchie III be that guy for the Houston Texans?