5 early storylines emerging from Houston Texans training camp

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Will Anderson Jr. will be a problem for opposing offensive lines

Reports on Will Anderson Jr. from camp have been glowing.  The tape and productivity we saw from him in college is certainly translating to the NFL.  Now it’s still early and its only training camp but so far, he’s been extremely disruptive and his talent has been on full display.

Anderson and the defensive front as a whole have created problems for the Texans' offense and hopefully, that’s more about the talent and scheme of the Texans and not an inadequate offensive line, a rookie quarterback, and Davis Mills, not a rookie but far from elite.

"When you have a players head coach, he’s able to break it down for us and make it easy for us to understand it. Just how quick guys are picking it up, and they’re not afraid to be vocal because they’re confident."

Jerry Hughes, Texans edge defender

I mentioned this earlier though when talking about C.J. Stroud and Davis Mills, defenses typically have a leg up on offenses in the early going.  Regardless, this is a great sign for the Texans.  There are two things a young team can do to be competitive on game day.  A strong pass rush is one of those two, the other is having a solid run game.