5 early storylines emerging from Houston Texans training camp

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C.J. Stroud is the fan favorite but....

The overwhelming consensus is that it seems Stroud has the talent to take the lead and earn the starting job; however, he’s still a rookie and it shows at times.  Coach Ryans and the defensive staff is throwing a lot at him from the defensive side, sort of a trial-by-fire approach, and it may pay off down the road, but for now, he’s made his fair share of mistakes.

To this point in camp, local media is saying Stroud has the “lead” but it’s closer than some fans would like to think.  If Mills wins the job, I’m pretty sure the fanbase will revolt.  I do think Stroud will win the job at the end of the day unless Mills suddenly takes leaps and bounds over Stroud, but I caution the fans to temper their expectations, as he’s still a rookie and he will have rookie moments.

Both quarterbacks have had some great plays in camp and both have had some bad plays too.  The struggles seem to come primarily from the defense throwing some exotic blitzes that the quarterbacks aren’t recognizing.

This might be a good time to remind fans though that this time of camp is typically when the defenses shine and the offenses struggle.  The offense is all about timing and rhythm, whereas the defense just simply needs to react and attack, or as Coach Ryans says, “Swarm”.