5 star players the Houston Texans could’ve drafted in the past five years

Houston Texans
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When it comes to the NFL Draft, nothing is a certainty. Despite numerous hours studying film, attending games, and interviewing potential prospects, investment is not guaranteed to pay off in the long term. 

Almost every draft cycle we see teams overlook future superstars for numerous reasons. They could not fit a position of need, be lower on a team's rankings than another prospect, or hold concerns whether off the field or with potential scheme fit. 

It is important to note that hindsight will always reign supreme when it comes to realizing talent at the NFL level. The clamors of “my team should’ve taken this guy” will always be based on production that occurs years after a selection is made. 

This doesn’t stop fans of a respective NFL franchise from imagining an alternate reality where their team was able to glance into the future and see who will become a superstar talent. Where a draft pick that their team made can be replaced by a simple snap of a finger. 

Some franchises feel this more than others, with the New York Jets being at the forefront of draft blunders over their storied history. As for the Houston Texans, there are surely picks that the team wished they were able to redo. 

Excluding the 2023 NFL Draft class, here are five players the Houston Texans could have selected from the 2018-2022 Draft classes to drastically improve their team.