5 reasons to be excited about the 2023 Houston Texans

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The Houston Texans might have found their franchise quarterback

Stroud began Week One of the preseason and looked every bit of a rookie quarterback who wasn't sure what he was doing and was not comfortable. In his defense, the Texans' offensive line did not do him any favors in protection. Stroud didn't play much in that first game either.

As the preseason went along, Stroud started looking better with each week. He got his first NFL touchdown in preseason Week Three against the New Orleans Saints. He looks comfortable now and is developing what appears to be solid chemistry with his receivers.

I wouldn't expect Stroud to throw for 4,000 yards and 30-plus touchdowns but that's not what the Texans need from him. His strength is his accuracy and if he can hit the open guy, let them make plays, and rely on the ground game, he'll do just fine in year one.