5 players the Houston Texans are looking at with the 12th pick

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Bijan Robinson, RB University of Texas

I've already written ad nauseam about the reasons why Bijan Robinson would not only pair well with Dameon Pierce but also how it gives the Texans an identity. I understand that the running back position isn't highly valued and the Texans potentially already have a really good running back, but I don't care. they should go for the best player available and want offense.

Drafting Robinson here at 12 would mean my selection of Smith-Njgiba was already selected but I still want to go offense. Many scouts don't have any other wide receivers listed as first round receivers and while this is a deep receiver class, drafting any other here would be a reach. If the Texans miss out on the Ohio State receiver, I'd look to get one in the second round.

Drafting Robinson gives the Texans a very firm identity. That identity would be in punishing opposing defenses' front seven and controlling the pace of play. It's also a great way to support any quarterback and take the pressure off of them. I believe with Pierce and Robinson on a rookie deal the Texans would have a top-five rushing attack for the next half-decade locked up. Doesn't matter who your quarterback is, if you can guarantee them that kind of production it will make their lives easier.

Last but most importantly, the Texans have almost no blue-chip prospects. Many draft analysts rank Robinson higher than almost any running back that's come out of college in the last ten years. He's in the same conversation as Elliott, McCaffrey, and Barkley. Take the best player available if he's there and you want to draft offense.