5 players most likely to be cut following the 2024 NFL Draft

The Houston Texans have promised to cut some players and we think these five are next.
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Case Keenum - Quarterback

Case Keenum has been living off of one play, in 2017, where he threw a pass while with the Minnesota Vikings that broke the internet. He's never lived up to that level of hype ever again, bottoming out in Denver when the Broncos made a big play for him, and then again in Washington. He found some stability as backup for the Erie teams, in the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills, but he still wasn't a viable starter anymore. A point more than proven in his two-game stint with the Houston Texans this past season.

At 36 years old, he seems to be a likely candidate to get axed. He'd save the Houston Texans just shy of $2 million against the cap and would help free up a roster space that would be greatly needed. While the Texans didn't draft a quarterback like was reported as a possibility, the Texans were one of the few NFL teams to carry three active quarterbacks for just about the entire season in 2023.

A rare thing to see in the modern NFL. Usually, you see two, the starter and a backup, a third just isn't common anymore. With nine rookies on the team, and two quarterbacks (C.J. Stroud and Davis Mills) already on the roster, Keenum is likely to be sent off.