5 Players the Houston Texans could select with the 33rd overall pick

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Will McDonald Edge, Iowa State

There are a lot of different edge players that are going to be available here, but Iowa State's Will McDonald it's just such a good scheme fit for the defense the Houston Texans are hoping to run next year. He has elite bend off the edge and great burst off the edge.

He's not going to overwhelm many people with size as his 6'4, 239-pound frame leaves a lot to be desired for a defensive lineman. If he was 30 pounds heavier and a year or two younger, I believe he would be a top 15 pick. 

Of all the pass rushers in this class, I believe McDonald has the best feel for the pocket, edge bend, and tenacious hands that make it hard for offensive linemen to get a hold of him. He has a frame that appears to be able to put another 20 to 30 pounds. 

Where McDonald struggles the most is his run-stopping ability. He's a huge liability there as his thin lower half leaves him pretty exposed to getting run through by NFL offensive tackles. I wouldn't expect him to be anything but a liability in his first year in that area. The other downside to McDonald's is the fact that he's already 25 years old and has most likely reached his ceiling. What you see from him on tape is most likely what you're going to get from him.

Overall, I think the raw traits are there for him and I believe with a season and an off-season in an NFL environment with good coaching he could develop into an above-average player, potentially a Pro Bowl-type of edge defender. It's not a sexy selection, but with the current build of the Houston Texans' defensive line, it's necessary.