5 players on the Houston Texans roster who will surprise in 2023

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Juice Scruggs - Center

Scruggs is a vital part of the Houston Texans offensive line. The team gave up a lot to move up to draft him in this year's draft and regardless if you think they reached or not, doesn't matter at this point. He is essentially the quarterback of the offensive line, and he's got to do it as a rookie.

I was a fan of Scruggs coming out of Penn State and I think he will be a solid addition to the Texans line. So far, he's logged 34 snaps in the preseason and PFF hasn't been kind to him regarding his run-blocking, with a 56.5 grade but his pass-blocking is significantly better, with an 81.5.

Scruggs will improve his run block as the season goes and the fact that he's already doing well in pass protection bodes well for the team because the team's rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud will need to know he can trust Scruggs and his line to protect. That trust is huge in terms of building confidence in Stroud and allowing him to focus on his defensive reads.

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