5 players on the Houston Texans roster who will surprise in 2023

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Nico Collins - Wide Receiver

This guy has been mentioned several times as a breakout candidate and I considered not including him on this list because he's already been talked about. However, that wouldn't fair to him to not continue heaping on the hype because he has a real chance to be that guy for the Texans.

Houston needs him to be that guy too. Their wide receiver room is full of talented guys with potential and one of them needs to rise to the top and become a true number one receiver. He's not the only option but is easily the best option. He combines the physical skils and NFL experience that C.J. Stroud and this offense will need.

Outside of a dominant offensive line, a rookie quarterback needs someone he can rely on, someone that can count on to be where he should be on the route and make a play on the ball, even if the pass isn't perfect. To use a term penned by Stefon Diggs, I think Nico Collins could be "him".