5 Key Matchups in Houston Texans Week 1

Houston Texans
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Tank Dell vs Ravens nickel corner

I couldn't name the Ravens' nickel corner because the last I was able to learn was the position would be manned by either Arthur Maulet and Ar'Darius Washington or maybe both. This is a matchup that Dell can potentially exploit, which would be huge for the Texans.

If Dell can consistently win this matchup, he'll be able to give Stroud a quick outlet to hit when under pressure allow for quicker, three-step drops, and get rid of the ball. Dell could have a huge game in this one too, as a result.

Dell was terrific during training camp and in the preseason. With the struggles we are likely to see with the Texans' offensive line, it will be vital to the Texans' success to operate with a quick, rhythm-passing attack that is perfectly suited for the quickness of Dell. Look for him to have a big game and be an integral part of the Texans' passing game.