5 Key Matchups in Houston Texans Week 1

Houston Texans
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C.J. Stroud vs C.J. Stroud

Sounds odd I know but hear me out. Stroud needs to stay out of his own head and remain calm and confident. His number one asset is his accuracy, and he needs to trust that. The Ravens' defense will make plays against him, he will get hit and sacked, likely more than once.

Stroud can't allow the negative plays to affect his play. If he makes a mistake, he has to learn from it, put it behind him, and charge forward. Trust in his abilities, trust in his reads, and get through his progressions quickly.

I've heard multiple coaches, analysts, experts, and players say that football is mostly a mental game, every player in the league has the skill to play the game or they wouldn't be there. Confidence or lack of is the number one killer for a quarterback's career and there is no better example than David Carr.