5 Houston Texans WRs they need to draft in April

And slot is just the position they should be looking to upgrade now.
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Mid round receiver

Javon Baker, UCF

Baker met with the Texans and is a real shot to be a Texan come the fall. Now, he isn't the true slot receiver that has been brought up this whole time. But his speed and talent may be too much to pass up if they decide to wait on a receiver. At the Senior Bowl, Baker did do some work at the slot position but mainly stayed on the boundary. His ability to move across the field and line up at different positions may be what sets Baker apart from the rest of the projected mid-round prospects.

Baker worked out at the Big 12 Pro Day this week, and made a few highlight reel catches in front of multiple teams. If he continues to have a productive pre-draft in workouts and interviews, he could be a sleeper pick in the 3rd-4th round.

Baker is a late bloomer, not seeing a lot of playing time until his Junior season, but that won't stop a team from seeing his potential as a future starting WR. His time at UCF helped him grow in multiple aspects as a receiver and will give teams a glimpse of what's possible when he has the ball.

Projected round: 4