5 Houston Texans WRs they need to draft in April

And slot is just the position they should be looking to upgrade now.
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Early round receivers

Keon Coleman, FSU

Coleman may be the best slot receiver in this draft. However, if what Demeco said is true, he may not be the pick. Coleman isn't great with separation, but his tall 6'3 frame makes him an intriguing tall slot. Coleman totaled 50 receptions, 658 yards, and 11 TDs last season, and his jump ball ability will help make him a great red zone threat for Stroud. Coleman has return ability to add to his resume, returning 25 punts last year after transferring.

Ladd McConkey, Georgia

McConkey is the pick here if Ryans truly wants a separating specialist. McConkey missed time last season due to an ankle injury. However, in 2022 McConkey looked like a true NFL threat. He totaled 58 receptions, 762 yards, and seven TDs. He saw some action in the ground game as well, totaling two TDs and 134 yards on seven attempts. McConkey has punt return ability as well, returning 15 punts in 2022. Like Coleman, McConkey maybe even more valuable to teams with the new kickoff rules. If they want him, he may have to be the pick at 42.

My pick: Ladd McConkey. McConkey offers more of what the Texans are looking for than Coleman would.