5 Houston Texans players who could lose their jobs to rookies

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The 2023 NFL Draft will be franchise-altering for the Houston Texans as they would not only have the second overall pick but then trade back up to third overall, costing them a number of picks including their first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

In total, the Houston Texans would draft nine players and a number of these players are expected to be the beginning of the foundation for what DeMeco Ryans is trying to build as he steps into the role of head coach for the franchise he used to play for.

While the hope is that a number of these players eventually develop into contributors, there are five rookies that could make an immediate impact with the Texans. This means that there are a number of veterans that should be on notice this offseason and could lose their job to a rookie.

5 Houston Texans players who could lose their jobs to rookies

Davis Mills

The first player is an obvious one as the Houston Texans would draft C.J. Stroud with the second overall pick. The former Ohio State Buckeyes' quarterback has the potential to be a franchise quarterback and one that gives Houston an answer at the position for hopefully the next decade.

The biggest question will be when the Stroud era starts and it certainly could be as early as Week 1. This means that the starter for the past two seasons, Davis Mills, is likely to be watching from the sidelines this season.

Mills was a third-round pick and has started 25 games over the past two seasons. When considering the talent he had around him, Mills didn't play that badly during his time as starter as he completed over 63% of his passes, threw for 5,782 yards and had a positive touchdown to interception ratio with 33 passing touchdowns and 25 interceptions.

However, as already mentioned C.J. Stroud is the future and it will be almost impossible for Davis Mills to hold him off this season.