5 Houston Texans players that are certified building blocks for the future

  • Dalton Schultz will be an impact player on the Texans
  • Will Anderson Jr. will only get better over time
  • CJ Stroud has star player written all over him

Houston Texans
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No. 1 Texans certified building block for the future: CJ Stroud, QB

Davis Mills was pressed into action in 2021 when Deshan Watson decided he no longer wanted to play for the Texans. He ended up exceeding expectations as a rookie and was given a chance last year to prove he could be the long-term answer at quarterback. However, the former Stanford Cardinal came crashing down.

Realizing they needed a true franchise quarterback to get out of the NFL cellar, the Texans drafted C.J. Stroud second overall in April. So far Houston should be thrilled with the early returns of his investment.

Not satisfied with the work he and his teammates put in during offseason practices, he's already arranged throwing sessions with his receivers, so they can develop a strong report and dominate in training camp.

That's the kind of leadership skills and drive you want from your starting quarterback and as the face of the franchise, Stroud is passing the early tests with flying colors. Although the Texans haven't yet named him the starter, there's no reason to think the former Ohio State product will be behind center when Houston faces off against the Baltimore Ravens in the opener. And that's the right approach.

Why not let Stroud start from Day 1 and let him learn on the job? Also, why put off the beginning of a new era of Texans' football?

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