5 Houston Texans on offense who are destined for the practice squad

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Davis Mills - Quarterback

This one might surprise some fans, but I've been saying this for a couple of weeks now. It's not so much a knock on Mills as much as it about Case Keenum simply being a better fit as the backup to Stroud because of his ability to mentor the young rookie.

I think Mills would make a great backup in this league and after Stroud has a season with Keenum, it would make sense to bring Mills back to the 53-man roster as the backup in 2024. With the practice squad rules that allow teams to protect up to four players each week, Mills is the perfect candidate.

Some might even consider Mills as a trade candidate to bolster another position, such as offensive line. This could be a possibility, but Keenum is 35 years old and won't be in the league that much longer, so I think the Texans would be better served to keep Mills around as the long-term QB2.