5 Houston Texans DTs they need to draft in April

They don't have their future IDL, with Autry on a two year deal, and Foley on a one year deal.
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Late round prospects

Fabien Lovett, FSU

Lovett is more of a run stuffer with 4 TFLs last year, but as Lance Zierlein brought up, still needs to improve as a pass rusher after totaling only one sack. Lovett is a player you draft knowing you'll need to develop for a couple of years before you truly see his true potential. At 6'4 314 lbs, he's a tough player to move, and with blockers focusing their attention on him, a rushing LB will be able to get past the line on passing downs. Lovett is another player with a skillset like Fatukasi, getting into the backfield being his specialty. 

Lovett was a key piece to their dominant defense, and the Senior helped lead FSU to a 13-1 record.  Fiske and Lovett were cornerstones to their defense, and both helped each other draft stock this year. Lovett likely won't hear his name called until the fourth round at the earliest, but that doesn't matter. A team drafting him will get a true starting-caliber player by year four. A young team like the Texans should be willing to take that chance as they won't demand starter stats from him right away. 

Myles Murphy, North Carolina

Yet another run stuffer, Murphy totaled 4.5 TFLs in his Senior campaign. Murphy, when he's at his best, is a do-it-all player who has had some success rushing the QB, but is more successful in the run game. Murphy will likely be a fringe roster player who may need time on the practice squad to refine his game. A Senior last year, Murphy had a very good Shrine Bowl shedding blockers, and interviewing with teams. After a lackluster season, a strong Shrine Bowl is exactly what he needed to boost his draft stock.

My pick: Fabien Lovett. Lovett has more upside than Murphy does and should be able to see production right away from him.