5 bold Houston Texans predictions for the 2023 NFL Draft

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Texans draft no more than nine players

So, this is going with the same theme of trading up, but I find it hard to believe that the Texans will end the draft not only using all 12 draft picks, but I predict they won't select more than nine players. 
This prediction means that I expect them to be wheeling and dealing and to trade away at least three draft picks in this year's draft.

It's also hard for me to imagine there being enough room on the roster right now to use all seven of their day-three selections, mainly due to all the low-risk one-year contracts the Texans signed over the offseason. 

With so many Day Three picks, would the Texans spend a late-round selection on another tight end? With a tight end room that is notorious for being filled with just those kinds of players. Would the Texans use a sixth-round pick on a running back? They just signed Devin Singletary but his deal is a lot more like Marlon Macks and the team doesn't mind cutting him if a late-round rookie beats him out. I don't know.