5 bold predictions for Houston Texans final preseason game

Houston Texans
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The Houston Texans will win their final preseason game

It's just preseason but when you are trying to build a winning culture, every win helps towards that goal. Preseason is no different, particularly for a young team on a rebuild. I think the Texans get this one and finish the preseason winning two out of three. I'll even go so far as to say the Texans win by a score of 21 - 17 Sunday night.

The Houston Texans will be a fun team to watch with a lot of upside and talent but will that potential come to fruition this season? Who will step up and rise to the top in the receiving corps? Will the Texans' offensive line come together and how does the addition of offensive tackle Josh Jones affect things?

A lot to be answered as we get ready to start the 2023 NFL season soon. The Texans open the season against the Baltimore Ravens, one of the better AFC teams, and will get a very early test. Can they answer those tests and pass with flying colors? I can't wait to see and find out those answers.

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