5 bold predictions for Houston Texans final preseason game

Houston Texans
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Rookie linebacker Henry To'oTo'o will record seven-plus tackles

To'oTo'o is currently listed on the Texans depth chart as a backup, which likely means he will get a lot of playing time in Sunday's game, especially if the team is considering him for a starting role. They will want to get one last look at him before the start of the season.

One caveat to this bold prediction though, if the team is already set on him being the number two middle linebacker, they may not play him that much, which makes my prediction obsolete. That's ok, I'll stand by it regardless.

I think the Texans have themselves a terrific middle linebacker in To'oTo'o; however, he may not start right away with Denzel Perryman currently occupying the number one spot. Perryman will be a great mentor for To'oTo'o going forward but he will likely have an opportunity to make an impact on special teams in year one.